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About Us

Welcome to the O-A-S-T: Opposition Against Slytherin Typecasting. Or, Protest Against Slytherin Stereotypes; but P-A-S-S is already taken...

This is for those of us who tire of the same two-dimensional portrayal of Slytherins as seen from Harry's limited perspective. I find it ridiculous to think that every person who has passed through the house of Slytherin is irredeemable and unsavoury, and if that sounds like your view on the matter, this just may be the place for you. This club is a celebration of diversity in the house of Slytherin and is an effort in portraying the house members as just as human as Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Gryffindors; we're open for new interpretations, meta, and just plain fun.

Be warned, some of us may be a little Slytherin-biased; many of us ARE Slytherin after all. It comes with the territory.


As of now, the joining rules are pretty lax; we're a small community with few problems, so as long as this sounds like a club that interests you and you behave responsibly, there's no reason you wouldn't be approved for membership.

Also, if you wish, you may specify the house to which you belong.

Regarding House Placements

PLEASE TAKE NOTE, at the moment, I'm debating on whether I should keep this feature or not. Feel free to state your preference, though.


Any Slytherin and pro-Slytherin, or even Slytherin-inclusive/centric or themed art is more than welcome! Just note the club or ~RavenScarlett with a link to the pic and a description. Fanfiction is also welcome. Slash and femmeslash is accepted as long as it complies with the statement below. Crossdressing is always fun, so submit some if you have any and have the urge to share it!

Please bear in mind...

When submitting anything to the club, be it picture or writing, make sure it fits within the regulations of dA. All work you submit must also be YOUR OWN. If there is any reason to believe any work submitted is plagiarised it will be denied/removed from the club gallery. Follow those two simple rules and we'll all get along just fine :D


About Us

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